How does this site work?

It’s pretty easy! You sign up (free!), register to become an Agent if you have a property to list, once approved you can start uploading, listing and advertising your current properties for sale (free!). This site is designed for those selling their own properties. License Real Estate agents and anyone in their immediate family as well as anyone associated with a Brokerage are not allowed to list properties on this site.

We do keep tabs on all the properties listed and will remove any that are no longer on the market (don’t worry, we’ll let you know). So please keep in contact!

~It’s easy to upload, update and now keep up with the fastest growing free-online property advertising on the web!~

I'm a licensed REALTOR®, can I add my properties and/or agency to your website?

In the simplest of terms…. No.

This site is designed for properties listed for sale by owners. If you or anyone in your immediate family are a licensed Real Estate agent or are associated with any Brokerage, you are not allowed to list any properties for sale.

~Got more questions? (We knew you would….) Shout out to us via the Contact From below~

How many photos of my property can I upload?

Right now we have set the limit to 10. There’s also the opportunity to upload a video, floor plans, and insert your own property information and details.

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Can I list more than one property for sale?

Yes… yes… and yes! List as many as you want (as long as you are the owner. We do not allow licensed Realtors)! We do keep tabs on all listed properties to ensure they are still on the market and will remove any that are no longer for sale (don’t worry.. you’ll get a notice).

~That’s kinda why we’re CURRENT Home Sellers… clever, huh?~

How much does it cost to list a property?

Free. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Nothing.

Getting a hint?

That’s right, we decided to make it free to list any and every property you have for sale. We’re here to help you share your listing with THE WORLD, and we realize that’s a pretty big place… until the internet came along.

~ Yes, we’re that cool ~

Are the owners REALTORS®?

Yes, and we’re not trying to hide it. We know it’s hard for property owners to sell their real property and we’re here to help offer a solution to getting the word out and help you market.

~ There is no catch, there is no fee. If you still don’t believe us, send us a Contact Us! ~

Will you sell my information?

Great question! No, we will never sell your information to anyone else. You probably will be contacted by owners as well as REALTORS®, but that’s kinda the point when you want to sell your property. So don’t forget to include your contact information on your listing/s.

~ Just know that any site visitors will need to sign up for our website to see your contact information ~

This all sounds too good to be true... what's the catch?

We knew you were going to ask… so here it is.. are you sitting down?


There… is… no… catch.

No gimmicks, no hidden fees, nothing. But if you don’t believe us and still have questions, reach out to us through the Contact Us form below.


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